Unlock surgical potential

Simulation tools for surgical training

At LifeEngine, we designed a simulation device that reproduces important physiological parameters in an anatomical specimen : pulsated blood flow, respiration, temperature and arterial pressures with precise hemodynamics. Our device can be connected to a synthetic organ or a cadaveric specimen to recreate various simulation scenarios and track performance based on key metrics collected during training. In this way, we offer an innovative solution to support surgeons at every stage of their practice.

Training and education : we provide the tools for a realistic and a high-volume training in a safe and controlled environment.

Performance management : we complement training with an objective performance analysis based on key performance indicators and machine learning algorithms, targeted training and progress monitoring.

the lifeengine simulation


Reproduction of physiological parameters in static models


High-volume, clinically validated and recreation of hemodynamics


Suitable for any surgical procedure and anatomical models


Use of quantitative metrics to evaluate trainee skills


Performance evaluation based on technical accuracy


Targeted and effective training for the user

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